Kona Estate 8OZ

Estate Kona Coffee is Kona coffee grown on one farm. All our Kona Coffee is Estate Kona. In this bag, you will find estate Kona that is a mixture of the top three grades. The best of the best. Vacuum packed for freshness. Medium Roast. 8oz Whole Bean

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Estate Kona Coffee is Kona coffee that is grown, harvested, roasted and packaged all from one plantation or estate.

It is never blended with coffee beans from other farms; but is a pure reflection of one estate?s Kona coffee production.

By that (technical) description — ALL of the Kona coffee sold at Koa Plantation is Estate Kona coffee.

However, in this bag of Koa Estate coffee, you will not only find estate grown coffee, but estate Kona coffee that is a mixture of the top three grades… favoring the largest.

See, Kona coffee is graded by the size of the bean. The biggest beans are the most sought after.

So to make our Estate Kona Coffee shine, we fill the bag with the biggest most flavorful beans. The best of the best! This is a smooth, elegant and perfectly balanced rich flavored Kona Coffee.

When you grind and brew these big beans, you’ll experience an aroma and flavor that are pure paradise.

And – did you know one pound of Kona Coffee makes about 10 pots?

Which means a full pot of pure Estate Kona is a mere $4 when you buy a 1lb bag. Which also means you can treat yourself to one of the rarest coffees in the world for less than .50? per cup.

Take that, paper-cup coffee!

Medium Roast. Vacuum sealed for freshness. In our trademark glossy black bag. 8oz Whole Bean